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Based in Devon, England, POTL’s coating division incorporates high performance deposition systems and supporting metrology used to manufacture both visible & NIR coatings for critical applications:  Avionic cockpit displays, Aerospace & Defence, Analytical, Diagnostics, Sensors, Laser Rejection and Instrumentation.

Using proprietary technology combined with precision optics manufactured at our headquarters in St. Asaph, POTL produce unique graded coatings used in Head-up Displays (HUD’s) Autonomous vehicles & Laser Rejection Filters.

We offer a total coating service covering the complete manufacturing process from initial design, prototype manufacture, full production and final test and qualification. All coatings are manufactured by plasma assisted electron beam deposition process which provides high spectral stability independent of temperature or humidity variations. The coatings are extremely rugged, passing all applicable military specifications. The company has a leading edge product portfolio of high performance thin film coatings covering a wide spectral range from the ultraviolet through the visible and near infra-red wavelength regions.

The team at our Devon based Phoenix Optical Coatings division work closely with our technical and sales teams in St. Asaph, North Wales to provide bespoke solutions for our customers where optical thin films are required.

We provide high performance optical thin film coatings that are used in a wide variety of critical applications from avionic cockpit displays, aerospace and defence to analytical diagnostics, sensors, laser rejection and instrumentation.

Where the technology of thin film coatings plays a strategic role, we develop and manufacture innovative solutions in partnership with our clients. We also provide high performance antireflection coatings for lens arrays and systems.


  • Head-up display combiner coatings
  • Laser protection filters
  • Rugate filters for medical and military applications
  • Dichoric reflectors, filters and bandpass filters
  • UV/IR Blocking filters
  • Beamsplitter and polarisers
  • Coatings for avionic visors
  • Transparent conductive coatings