Extended band antireflection coating To complement our range of antireflection coatings for general-purpose applications, Phoenix Optical Technologies Ltd can offer a range of extended band, dual band and triple band antireflection coatings for a variety of wavebands. Typically these can be used to cover the visible spectrum along with selected laser wavelengths. The coatings exhibit low reflection characteristics over the specified bandwidth along with very low transmission loss.

This process utilises plasma assisted electron beam deposition to provide durable and environmentally stable coatings. The unique designs offer low absorption, wide bandwidth and relative insensitivity to angle of incidence, while sophisticated process control ensures run to run reproducibility and maximum yield.

Features of the antireflection coatings are:

Plasma assisted deposition for thermal and environmental stability

Coatings are extremely rugged for use in harsh environments

Low reflection and absorption loss

Coatings can be designed for operation at different angles.

Temperature stable with extended operational lifetime

Typical Specification for an extended band a-r coating:

Reflection 425-1000nm: <0.6% average Reflection 425-1000nm: <1.2% max.

Operating temperature range: -40 to 200oC Adhesion, abrasion resistance

MIL-C-48497 Humidity, salt fog, temp. shock MIL-STD-810B