A ‘hot mirror’ coating is designed to reflect the heat component from the visible light
developed by high intensity light sources, while allowing the visible light to pass through
with minimal loss or colouration.

Phoenix Optical Technologies Ltd. offers an extended hot mirror coating designed to attenuate the IR from 0.7 to 1.6µm. The hot mirror coatings can be configured to suit different applications and operate at different angles and wavebands.

Hot mirrors exhibit high efficiency visible transmission with high attenuation of infra-red
radiation. Manufacture is by plasma assisted electron beam deposition process which
provides high spectral stability independent of temperature or humidity variations. The
coatings are extremely rugged, passing all relevant military specifications.
Features of the hot mirror coatings are:

Plasma assisted deposition for thermal and environmental stability
High visible transmission with minimal colouration and efficient heat rejection
Temperature stable with extended operational lifetime
Meets most military durability specifications

Typical Specification for hot mirror coating:

Transmission 425-680nm >85% average
IR rejection 730-1600nm >98% average
Operating temperature range: -40 to 200oC
Adhesion, abrasion resistance MIL-C-48497
Humidity, salt fog, temp. shock MIL-STD-810B