Phoenix coping with Covid-19

News update 19/05/2020

We are now entering week 8 of the UK lockdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, here at Phoenix Optical Technologies LTD have adapted and continuously updated and maintained our work environment and conditions so that we are able to still manufacture safely and effectively whilst minimizing the potential risk to employees, their families and of course, to protect our NHS whilst also trying to keep our contribution to the national economy.

  • Anybody who has fallen into the High-risk health category has been asked to go home and keep in contact.           
  • Update: We have 2 members of staff who are off work as they are extremely vulnerable or shielding and are unable to work from home.  Over the past 8 weeks we have also had 6 people self-isolating at home for the full 14-day period as advised by the UK government, as they reported that people in their household were/are displaying symptoms.  We have had 1 employee display symptoms themselves over this period. (Across all 3 sites.)
  • Phoenix sent home all personnel on the 23rd of March which fell in line with the beginning of UK lockdown. These employees can work from home.                                                                                          
  • Update: 5 members of administration staff are still working from home. (Across all 3 sites)
  • The employees whose work cannot be carried out from home (e.g. Manufacturing) We have implemented shift patterns, staggered breaktimes, employees using the canteen are to sit apart, stairwells are only to be used by 1 person at any one time and 2-meter distancing rules are in place throughout. We have now also conditioned a one-way system around the factory. (see floorplan image below)
  • Continuous disinfecting and ramped up cleaning procedures for all machinery, door handles, handrails, common surfaces, and extra PPE/gloves/masks are provided to all staff.
  • We are not accepting visitors to our premises.
  • Staff meetings are being held outside to adhere with social distancing.
  • Staff over at our coatings site in North Devon have successfully moved work areas well away from eachother so that social distancing is adheared to and have also devised a one-way system using all external doors to enter and exit safely ensuring that they do not pass close to other work colleagues. All stall are currently using masks and improvised visors and this obviously teams with extra cleaning regimes and sanitizing.

Above: Diagram of one way system in place to help with social distancing


News update 30th March 2020

Phoenix coping with Covid-19

Whilst we are all in this unprecedented situation, we are being asked daily by our customers and supply chains how Phoenix is coping with Covid-19

In response to this Phoenix is paying close attention to Government guidelines and requirements and have implemented the following strategies to help minimize potential risk to our employees and their families and of course, to help protect our NHS whilst also trying to keep our contribution to the national economy.

Firstly, anybody who has fallen into the high-risk category has been asked to go home and to keep in contact.

Phoenix has sent home all personnel who are able to work from home.

To those people whose work cannot be carried out from home, we have implemented shift patterns to help maintain the 2m rule.

Extra cleaning procedures for machinery and common surfaces with extra PPE;  gloves and masks are provided.

We are not accepting visitors to the premises at this time.

Regular staff meetings are now held in the car park, to aid communication and understanding.

This is a fluid situation. We have managed so far not to have had any real adverse effects to our production and long may it continue.

We will adapt to new Government guidelines as and when they change.

Hoping we all stay healthy and safe!

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