News update 30th March 2020

Phoenix coping with Covid-19

Whilst we are all in this unprecedented situation, we are being asked daily by our customers and supply chains how Phoenix is coping with Covid-19

In response to this Phoenix is paying close attention to Government guidelines and requirements and have implemented the following strategies to help minimize potential risk to our employees and their families and of course, to help protect our NHS whilst also trying to keep our contribution to the national economy.

Firstly, anybody who has fallen into the high-risk category has been asked to go home and to keep in contact.

Phoenix has sent home all personnel who are able to work from home.

To those people whose work cannot be carried out from home, we have implemented shift patterns to help maintain the 2m rule.

Extra cleaning procedures for machinery and common surfaces with extra PPE;  gloves and masks are provided.

We are not accepting visitors to the premises at this time.

Regular staff meetings are now held in the car park, to aid communication and understanding.

This is a fluid situation. We have managed so far not to have had any real adverse effects to our production and long may it continue.

We will adapt to new Government guidelines as and when they change.

Hoping we all stay healthy and safe!

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Phoenix Optical Technologies enters into Strategic Partnership Agreement with Artemis Optical Ltd

Following on from ongoing conversations between the two companies, our joint customer base and the wider market, Artemis Optical and Phoenix Optical Technologies are delighted to announce the signing of a Strategic Partnership Agreement.

Artemis has a global reputation for designing and manufacturing optical coatings.  It specialises in filters for vehicle optic survivability, such as for eye-safe and electro-optical laser protection, Head-Up and Helmet Mounted Displays as well as other demanding precision requirements, such as, but not limited to, films for Infrared Applications and Observation and Analytical Filters. Artemis 22,000 sq ft facility of 5 coating chambers, associated metrology and assembly capability is matched to meet the production requirements of OEMS and end use customers in these areas.

The Phoenix Optical group of companies (Phoenix) has an established pedigree in the areas of process design and manufacture of glass, optical components and infrared optics.  These are used in, amongst other things, Industrial Lasers, Laser Protection, Head-Up and Helmet Mounted displays and various thermal imaging applications.  The Phoenix facility in St Asaph is set up to offer volume manufacture in both Diamond Turning, Lap Polishing and Twin Lap Polishing.  Phoenix is also able to offer, specialised High Laser Damage, Laser Protection, Mirrors, Avionic display and Visor Coatings, as well as many other coatings for industrial applications.

The joined-up approach from the two businesses will maintain the levels of product quality and technical expertise and flexibility that they are able to offer.  Additionally, the marketplace will now benefit from a turnkey solution to a wide variety of finished optic requirements that traditionally has not been available.

Tony Palframan, founder and Managing Director of Phoenix Optical Technologies said, ‘I am delighted after working closely with Artemis for several years.  There are many similarities between both businesses with strong personal relationships at all levels.  We now have an agreement in place that adds significant capability to what Phoenix and Artemis have offered our customers in the past.’

Nick Hurst, CEO of Artemis Optical has said;  ‘I’m really excited about this deal, the industry has been encouraging suppliers to simplify the supply chain and by partnering with Phoenix, who are after all the leading optic fabricator in the UK, we are able to do just that.  The benefit is of course faster lead times and lower costs for our mutual customers.  We were approached some time ago by major players in the industry to see how we could help solve an issue that has been a long term concern to them and this does so in a neat and efficient way’.

Further information:

Artemis Optical                                                            

Jamie Pinchard, Sales Director                                                  Office:  +44 (0)1752 341

                                                                                          Mobile:    +44 (0)7854 298412

Nikki Jones, Key Account Manager                                      Office:   0044 1752 341 943


Phoenix Optical Technologies                

Tony Palframan, Managing Director                                   Office:   +44 (0)1745 584 484

                                                                                         Mobile:    +44 (0)7843 590 885

Sophie Gibson, Sales Manager                                          Office:   +44 (0)1745 584 484


 About Artemis Optical

Artemis Optical is a designer and manufacturer of high-precision, technically differentiated optical thin-film coatings, supplying blue-chip original equipment manufacturers.  With 29 employees and a 22,000 sq ft facility and environmentally controlled production laboratory, Artemis is based in Plymouth in the south-west of England.  It is now one of only a few companies globally approved by US authorities to provide Laser Protection filters and is widely acknowledged as a market leader in HUDs (Head-Up Displays).

About Phoenix Optical Technologies

Phoenix still provides grey glass blanks and moulded components with a large stock of Optical Glass.  From our early beginnings over 25 years ago the company has expanded both in size and technical capability, now providing optical components across a range of materials and processes, such as all glass and IR materials making lenses, windows, mirrors, prisms and sub-assemblies.  The business acquired coating capability in 2018 to add significantly to the Avionic combiner, Visor and commercial markets.  We provide product to customers in Commercial, Space, and Defence sectors.

We will be exhibiting at:


Phoenix Acquires Orion Photonics

Following lengthy discussions, Phoenix are extremely pleased to announce the acquisition of Orion Photonics Ltd.

The share sale was completed on 9th Feb for an undisclosed sum and the Phoenix team are delighted to welcome Orion on board as it continues to expand its capabilities.

This new alliance offers complementary technologies to its customers that deliver cost effective solutions to its targeted sectors within the photonics market place.

The introduction of Orion to the Phoenix team now allows the business to provide high performance products utilising the latest Thin Film capabilities that provide high quality display coatings, laser protection filters as well as high efficiency mirror and anti-reflection coatings for both defence and commercial application.

The two companies remain aligned in continued investment in developing further its capabilities through working closely with its customers to deliver effective technical solutions.

POTL and Orion

Phoenix in the Paper Again!

Click to see the Phoenix article in Rhyl Journal

Phoenix are in the papers again this time celebrating over 25 years in business! Thank you to all of our friends and colleagues that contributed with adverts and testimonials. We are all excited for the next 25 years!

Armourdillo Leading the way at Denbighshire for Growth Advanced Materials and Manufacture Event


Phoenix Optical Technologies have been invited to take part in the Denbighsire for Growth: Advancd Materials & Manufacturing event on the 30th March 2017. This event is being held at the Optic Technium on St Asaph business park. Phoenix are very excited to be a part of this event and talk about their own advanced material Armourdillo Toughened Glass. Image shows Lizzie Peters Key Account Manager and Tony Palframan CEO with F16 HUD combiner made from Armourdillo Glass.

For more information on the event and Armourdillo growth at Phoenix please click on the image to see the full article.

Certificate of Recognition


On the 19th August Phoenix were presented with a certificate of Recognition from Leonardo Airbourne & Space Systems for supporting an exceptionally quick turnaround on manufacturing glass blanks to enable Leonard to conduct bonding tests. Phoenix quoted and supplied polished glass mirrors in less than one week. Phoenix always try to help our customers in desperate situations like this and we were delighted to receive this lovely certificate.

Arts, Business & Employees Award winners 2015

On Wednesday 1st July Phoenix Optical Technologies were awarded the Arts, Business & Employees Award by Arts and Business Cymru.


Through a grant from Arts Council of Wales, glass artist Rhian Haf has had the opportunity of undertaking a 2-month residency with Phoenix Optical Glass. The support of the business has allowed her to develop her practice and complete a new body of work. This partnership was further extended by an outreach project for children and older people in Denbighshire, providing them with the opportunity to understand and use glass in a creative way. Phoenix extended its initial support by providing further access to equipment as well as scrap pieces of materials for the workshops.This enabled 10 days of workshops and 2 site visits to the factory.

Award accepted by Rhian Haf and Lizzie Peters

Award accepted by Rhian Haf and Lizzie Peters