Processes for all Optical Glass types and IR materials including Chalcogenide, ZnS, ZnSe, Ge and Si.

POTL have single lap polishing facility and a comprehensive prism manufacturing suite with full measurement capability including a prism master and new KEYENCE machine.

We produce a wide range of prism types including wedge prisms, 45 degree angle prisms, penta prisms, roof prisms, rhomboid prisms, and light pipe homogenizing rods.

Prism angle measurement to less than 1 arc second using Trioptic Goniometer measurement system.

Phoenix specialises in prototyping as well as programme batch quantities for all Plano optical components. We can supply finished coated optics, prism assemblies and small scale sub-assemblies and we have full in house test capability.

The range of optics for defence and commercial related products includes:

 Wedge prisms • 45 degree angle prisms • Penta prisms • Roof prisms • Rhomboid prisms • Light pipe homogenizing rods • Assembled cubes (cemented in house) • Paired Wedges