Site 3 – POTL Coating Division, North Devon

Based in Devon, England, the POTL coating division operates from a facility with a manufacturing clean-room equipped with high performance coating deposition systems and supporting metrology that are used in a wide variety of critical applications, from avionic cockpit displays, aerospace and defence to analytical to analytical diagnostics, sensors, laser rejection and instrumentation.


We have successfully targeted Defence and Aerospace as a major market area having developed unique processes for Head-up Display combiners and laser rejection filters. A Head-up Display (HUD) provides the ability to project information on to a transparent screen in such a way that it appears to be floating in space as a virtual image.

With high specification precision optics manufactured at our headquarters in St Asaph, North Wales, the virtual image is combined with the view of the real world seen through the screen so that both images appear to be at the same distance.